Gilo River, 2022

Two channel video installation, 53 min, One Shot 
Camera: Shoulder: Or Azulai, Drone: Yair Moss
(supported by the Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt) 

Excerpt: 03:51 min

The work consists of two videos shot in a valley between the Israeli settlement Gilo and the palestinian village Al-Walaja in East Jerusalem. Projected simultaneously, one of the videos is filmed (in one shot) from the perspective of a person walking through the valley from Bethlehem towards Jerusalem, a route that illegal Palestinian workers take on their way to work. The other video follows the same route from above, filmed with a drone. The cameras‘ slow and continuous gaze records the nature with only occasional traces of men in the shape of junk left behind, settlements in the far distance and a small fragment of the security barrier. The videos end at a huge, impressive Aleppo pine tree.

Complementing the video work, Hannes Lingens will develope a sound track based on field recordings from the same valley.

Exhibition view: OFFSPACE Kaisitz