The Pine Tree Desert, 2022

Pine tree needles, Metal, Laser cut / 2m x 4m 

With a Sound work from Hannes Lingens

(Sponsored from Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt)

Photo: Thomas Gallmann

The needles for this work come from an unusually large Aleppo pine tree that stands on the green border (the 1949 demarcation line) between the Palestinian village of al-Walaja and the Israeli settlement of Gilo. It is called “Ha El” (the God) by the local residents. Its falling needles prevent other plants from growing – a condition called “Midbar haOranim” (Pine Tree Desert). The text half-obscured by the needles is part of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Photo: Mirsini Artakianou
Photo: Mirsini Artakianou
Photo: Mirsini Artakianou
Photo: Natasha Shakhnes
Photo: Shira Aboulafia